Registree revolutionizes university data

A privacy-preserving system for data ownership

Ownership of your data implies the right to exclude others from using it. However, today students have no control over what happens with their data.

At Registree, we believe that you should own your data and have full control over how it is used! To realize this vision, we've built a platform where universities can store sensitive student data in a shared database that guarantees privacy and gives students full control over who has access to their sensitive data.

Universities want to provide the optimal support for each and every student. This includes guiding students through their academic pursuits and providing them with access to quality graduate jobs. Registree's dashboard is the perfect tool to do just that.

Students (coming soon)

A powerful dashboard for managing your academic outcomes

Registree uses a combination of the univeristy data to empower students to get better education outcomes. Students are exposed to getting match with employers. Students are able to monitor and manage this on a nice neat dashboard.


Data service provider for universities

Registree provides novel data services for universities, completely free of charge. These services provide a holistic and uniquely detailed picture of students' progress. Registree gives universities the right tools to provide optimal support for every student ensuring that no student falls through the cracks. Support features range from helping students achieve their goals to identifying and intervening when students are at risk.


Graduate portal matching employers and students

Registree overcomes costly search frictions in the graduate labour market and reduces employers' cost of finding appropriate candidates. Through our collaboration with universities, employers have access to the universe of graduates instead of the small subset provided by competing jobs portals.

Why Registree?

Addressing underutilised and inaccessible data

Students, Employers, and Universities all struggle with limited access to and insights from data. Until Registree, there was no system that addressed the requirements of all stakeholders.

Graduate's Problem

Once students share their data they lose control over who can interact with it and how it can be used.

Students are unable to visualise and track their holistic performance and those at risk often fall through the cracks.

Assymetries in graduate recruitment results in candidates being locked into sub-optimal roles.

University's Problem

The university can currently only assess the state of their students on a bi-annual basis.

Siloed capturing of below the line data means that those with the power to intervene fail to timeously detect students at risk.

Accepting students transfering in from other universities and fulfilling requests to verify certificates is costly and time-consuming.

Employer's Problem

Fragmented access to graduates through multiple platforms makes it costly to find qualified candidates.

High screening costs as upto 100 candidates will apply for a single available positions. Many of which do not satisfy the minimum job requirements.

Intensive manual process to ensure that the student graduated from the degree stipulated and then verify her certification.


What makes Registree unique

A revolutionary data architecture address the requirements of all stakeholders.


Registree is the first global decentralized student database system enabling seemless transfer of students from one institute to another.


Registree links de-identified, tamper-proof, append-only student records to securely stored personal information via a smart contract on a blockchain.


A platform that enables students to gain access to novel services by providing permissioned and limited use of their verified data to service providers.


To increase security, only permitted users are allowed to interact with the data due to our access-controled API endpoints to all parts of the architecture.


Introducing the Registree dashboard

For students, a holistic view of thier performance. For lecturers, a single view of their students. For employers, an interface to interact with students seeking employment.

  • Students can visualise their data and track their performance relative to the class and receive subtle nudges to help them achieve their goals.
  • Lecturers can monitor student performance across all the student's courses and timeously intervene when a student is at risk.
  • Employers can search for their ideal candidates, schedule interviews, make employment offers and post job advertisments to students seeking employment.

Read our documents

Here is a full list of our documents to help you get a better understanding of how our platform works.

Lite Paper
Claiming Ownership


We want to bring Registree to your university as well. Here's how.

January 2018
Built team
  • Entered team into Unlock the Block 2018 hackathon
  • First prototype
July 2018
  • First version of data storage backend
  • First version of university dashboard
August 2018
Going public
  • Release of White Paper
  • Release of Dashboard demo
  • Website going public
October 2018
Alpha test
  • Loading first student data onto the platform.
  • uPort integration for self-sovereign data ownership
December 2018
Beta test
  • Release of employer dashboard
  • Beta test for the entire system
July 2019
Pilot with University of Cape Town
  • POC with top university in Africa
  • Onboarded all final year commerce students on the platform
  • Full system integration with university
November 2019
Launch event with major employer
  • POC with employer who uses our platform to invite students to event
  • Students share blockchain verified degrees with employer
Q1 2020
Expanding University Partnerships
  • On-boarding of entire student body for a large South African university
  • Pilot with second large South African university
Q2 2020
Expanding Corporate Partnerships
  • On-boarding large South African employers
Q4 2020
Further Expanding University Partnerships
  • On-boarding additional South African universities
Q1 2021
International Expansion
Meet our Team

Combining passion and skill

Registree team is multi skilled with industry experience in Academia.

Co-Pierre Georg
Chief Executive Officer

Co-Pierre is an Associate Professor at the University of Cape Town and the Director of the UCT Financial Innovation Lab. He holds a PhD in Economics and a Diploma in Physics.

Sabine Bertram
Chief Technology Officer

Sabine is a PhD student in Financial Technology at UCT and she works part-time as a machine learning solution engineer. She is an experienced backend developer and a blockchain enthusiast.

Christopher Maree
Chief Information Officer

Chris is an Electrical Engineer with extensive full stack blockchain development experience. He is involved in the development of Registree's core technology.

Allan Davids
Chief Data Scientist

Allan is a PhD student in Economics at the University of Cape Town with industry experience working as a data analyst. He holds a Masters in Economics.

Michael Louis
Head of Product

Michael has a Bsc in Statistics and Computer Science. He has extensive startup experience and has built blockchain applications for large telecommunication companies.


Frequently asked questions

Below we have provided answers to a few of our most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

We welcome all interested parties to sign up to our mailing list. You will receive notifications of our progress and access to our services as we roll them out. For any other queries please reach out to us via the Contact section below.

Registree gives students full control over how their data is shared with third parties. Through their dashboard, web or smartphone application, students receive offers to connect from interested third parties like employers, and choose whether to share their academic and personal information and also what information is shared. Students can also apply for job offerings and internships directly and submit their verified academic information to prospective employers. Importantly, students control who they share their information with. If students wish to exclude themselves, they can simply select not to share their information.

Registree is designed to be easily accommodated within existing information systems. Our software is easily installed without any compromises to existing systems. Registree will work together with university Information and Communication Technology Services (ICTS) to adapt the platform to the university's technological requirements and to equip university ICTS with the necessary skills.

Student data can only be viewed by the student and her university. If the student so wishes she can explicitly provide permission to third parties to access her data.

No! Registree never collects nor stores any data. Our database is cryptographically secured on the blockchain. This means that there is an audit trail that proves the database has only been edited by the university. Furthermore, Registree encrypts the database so that it is readable only by those with permission.

No! Employers can never view a students data until explicit permission is given by the student. Employers will be able to send invitations of their interest to students. For more information go to the Employment Platform tab.

Employers can set specific search criteria and the query will be submitted to registree's encrypted database. Employers are informed that there are students who meet their criteria, but importantly, the identity of these students is masked. Students who fulfill these criteria will be notified that they have featured in an employer's search and they will then have the option to share their identities with the employer.

Registree's algorithms are based off the search criteria stipulated by employers. Registree will not provide the functionality for employers to search for candidates using prejudicial search criteria.

Registree will stictly vet all third parties allowed onto the platform. Our objective is to provide students with access to high-quality bona fide opportunities. Only employers who fulfill these criteria will be allowed to contact students.

From the student's registree dashboard, she will be able to easily toggle whether she wishes to receive notifications from employers or not. Once a student has disabled this functionality, employers will not be able to send notifications to this student.


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